Lead Business

Manage, lead and motivate teams

Once you have set up your dream small business, it can fall apart very quickly if you take on staff and don’t manage them well. You need to make sure that you are managing it well to make money, whether you are working from home, running a franchise or a business for sale

Leading your business can be a new phase requiring new knowledge and skills. You now have the time to work on your business not in it.

The following three modules will give you the foundation you need to successfully build yourself as a leader. The Effective manager module shows you the key management areas you need to focus on for success, Building Teams module gives you the critical information you need to know to have you staff working well together consistently. And Motivating staff gives you the knowledge and skills to create a positive, motivating environment where people perform at their best.

So this small business triple value pack is essential to lead your small business to success.  The ‘Lead Your Business’ pack includes Modules 15, 16 and 17 of our full ‘Business Success Program’.

  • Module 15: Effective Manager
  • Module 16: Building Teams
  • Module 17: Motivating Staff

You can read details about the modules below….



Module 15- Effective manager

Once you set up your dream small business, it can fall apart very quickly if you take on staff and don’t manage them well. Do you have what it takes to manage people? Do you have the knowledge and skills and emotional intelligence to attract and keep good staff?

As a result of completing this ‘Start a Small Business’ module:

  • You will understand what makes an effective manager and how they get results consistently by getting the best out of themselves and others
  • You will learn about the key management areas that you will need to focus on to expand your business and make more money
  • You will learn the different management styles and which style you can use for specific situations
  • You will learn about managing diverse types of people in the workplace

The old leadership saying that leaders are born, not made is an outdated concept in a global world that is changing by the minute! Effective managers work at building themselves through learning and self-awareness.


Module 16- Building teams: Did you know that T.E.A.M. is an acronym for- ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’

As soon as you open the doors of your business, you will have a team. Even if you don’t have employees, you might need a website designer or an Accountant to help you set up your business structure. This is the start of your team that you may expand eventually to 10-100 people. You will be surprised to know that a large number of businesses fail because of poor team work.

Do you know how to get your team working well together consistently to help your business make money?

As a result of completing this ‘Start a Small Business’ module you will:

  • Assess what you are like as a team member and leader
  • Know the characteristics of high performing teams
  • Learn the F.I.S.H principles (add link to video)
  • Understand the challenges to effective team work
  • Learn to get the right mix when hiring a team
  • Learn six key communication skills that work for effective teams


Module 17: Motivating staff: Create positive work environments where people perform at their best

People want to work in positive work places where they can do a great job. Managers who focus on building a positive workplace retain their staff, have lower rates of absenteeism and create a more productive work environment.

As a result of completing this ‘Start a Small Business’ module you will learn about:

  • Different things that motivate a variety of people in the workplace
  • How to get people more engaged in their work
  • How to mentor people to be their best
  • Recognising and rewarding people

A good business has a social fabric where people feel a sense of belonging and part of the growth, just like a family.

Start a full Small Business course today!  Start a business, work from home or buy a franchise or business for sale and make money.

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