Management Essentials

Benefits of Management Essentials

Attending this program will enable you to:

  • Enhance your managerial effectiveness
  • Improve your key managerial skills
  • Improve productivity in the workplace
  • Deal effectively with the key result areas and vital functions of managers
  • Get the best out of your staff

Module 1: The Excellent Manager

Duration: Half Day
What exactly is management? Effective managers consistently achieve superior results through inspiring and releasing their own and others potential. This session explores the critical factors that define an excellent manager


  • Qualities and skills of effective managers
  • The vital functions of management and key result areas
  • Communication – a vital managers skill

Module 2: Managing People and Tasks

Duration: Half Day
As a manager, you work with and through people. At the foundation of effective management practice is the ability to delegate work, handling difficult personalities, organize staff learning and development programs and managing your stress and the stress of others.
This workshop focuses on the skills required to accomplish organisational goals through people:


  • Selecting and Keeping The Right People
  • Managing Difficult People
  • Delegation
  • Managing Stress and Pressure
  • Designing Staff Learning and Development Programs

Module 3: Motivating People

Duration: Half Day
As a manager, you play an integral role in maximising the achievements of your people. Performance is linked to motivation and has bottom line ramifications. This session focuses on the important considerations and skills required for leading a team and creating a truly motivating environment:


  • Creating and maintaining a positive, productive workplace environment
  • Key motivators for staff
  • Keys to giving and receiving feedback – a vital motivator in the workplace • Accommodating & understanding personal working styles.

Module 4: Managing Yourself

Duration: Half Day
Managerial success hinges on your ability to balance numerous competing demands. Time is a crucial resource at any level of responsibility and demands effective management. This session focuses on strategies for maximising productivity.


  • Maintaining a clear vision and clear goals
  • Keys to setting priorities
  • Planning and organising
  • Identifying and dealing with interruptions and time stealers
  • Essential time management habits to acquire

Module 5: Developing Winning Teams

Duration: Half Day
Teams and collaborative work processes define organisational life. Great managers have skills and ways of thinking to transform “working groups” into high performance teams. This workshop builds a solid understanding of the concepts and skills required in harnessing the synergy of team environments. 


  • Characteristics of high performing teams
  • The PERFORM model for building teams
  • Starting teams off right!
  • Coaching and mentoring