Self Assessment

The most important first step for your business success

As a result of completing this ‘Start a Small Business’ module, you will be able to select the business that best fits your personality, skills and budget. Often aspiring small business owners get excited and choose a business that may be working well for someone else, but won’t work for them.
For example:

  • Café owners need to get up at 4am and start cleaning, preparing and cooking food: Do you want to get up at 4am every morning? If this lifestyle is not for you, a café is not for you.
  • Personal trainers need to work-out regularly to be an example of someone who is healthy and fit: Are you fit and do you like working out and exercising?
  • Website designers sit all day in front of a computer screen and don’t interact with people: Do you like working alone on a computer or do you like going out and working with others?

This ‘Start a Small Business’ module will ensure that you are investing your time and money in a business that you can be really be successful in, instead of jumping into a business that doesn’t suit your personality, skills and budget.