About Us

Catherine Gavigan

Catherine Gavigan’s goal is to help aspiring small business owners achieve small business success faster and more efficiently than they thought possible.

Over the past 30 years Catherine has worked in, developed and managed small businesses in the areas of education and training, sales, hospitality, sport and recreation, retail, real estate and agriculture.

Running her own small businesses has helped Catherine achieve her goal of freedom from wage slavery. Her small businesses has given her independence and the ability to travel, meet interesting people live the lifestyle of her choice.

Catherine has also studied, researched and written in the field of management and interpersonal skill development. As a keynote speaker and seminar leader she has talked to thousands of people worldwide inspiring them to higher levels of achievement and personal wellbeing.

Catherine is very enthusiastic about small businesses development. Giving people the business skills to enable them to earn a living independently, in a business area of their choice, is something she is passionate about.

Catherine has travelled and worked over three continents. She is married with a family and enjoys a lifestyle that allows her to live and work in three countries. Her interests include sport, fitness, reading, health and nutrition.

Sangeeta Mahajan

Sangeeta Mahajan is the co-Director of ‘Start a Small Business’, a company designed to help budding entrepreneurs set up their dream small business and make money.

With over 28+ years’ experience across diverse industries in Australia and overseas, Sangeeta is passionate about helping young people achieve their goals through systematic planning, self-confidence and persistence. Sangeeta believes anything is possible if you really desire it and are determined to get there.

Over the last 12 years, in senior executive positions, Sangeeta has led and managed multiple multi-million dollar enterprises to significant success and growth.

Sangeeta’s natural entrepreneurship has resulted in her currently owning and managing three successful businesses simultaneously, in the areas of education and training, business consulting and international marketing. As an exciting sideline, Sangeeta also enjoys expanding her multi-million dollar property portfolio.

Sangeeta has extensive educational qualifications, including three Masters Degrees and other post-graduate qualifications. She has used her business background, together with her passion for teaching and learning in developing this very hands-on, practical ‘Start a Small Business’ course for people who are keen to start a new business and make a lot of money.

Sangeeta believes that “the harder you work, the luckier you get”! She loves working, as she thinks her work is a lot of fun and a core part of her life. Sangeeta is happily married and enjoys family life.